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64bites 🕹️ Creators Club

Commodore 64 Programming Screencasts
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You are about to realize your childhood dream this year!

You've always wanted to create a game for Commodore 64.

You've never got time for that.

You've lost motivation.

Don't worry!

This time will be different!

We will help you!

Imagine a thriving community of Commodore 64 game makers.

Together we will help, support and motivate each other to:

  1. Create cool stuff for Commodore 64
  2. Keep old computers alive.

We will focus on making a lot of new games this year.

You will be surrounded by other creators.

Others will share their successes, and problems.

They will ask for help and help you in return.

You can help in building this community from scratch!

If you join us you will be in the first group of people that will literally shape our community.

For example: "Creators Club" is a temporary name. Our members will soon decide if we should keep it or change it.

When the community grows we will add new features, perks, discounts and roles.

You will get them while keeping the current price.

The price of admission can grow in the future.

But only for new members.

No need to wait for a discount.

Because there will never be one :)

What you will get:

Access to 64bites Discord Server - to communicate with other members.

Access to occasional Group Consultations on Zoom - When the community grows we will make them regular.

Access to occasional Q&A Live Streaming on YouTube - When the community grows we will make them regular.

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You'll get:

Community Access
get help, support and motivation in a private Discord Server
Occasional Group Consultations on Zoom
to meet in person get code review and help
Occasional Q&A Live Streaming
64bites founder will answer you questions during live streaming
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