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64 Bites - Season 4 - Sprites Setup and Animation

Here's what you will get

  • 9 videos (50+ minutes in total)
  • transcripts (13000+ words)
  • source code examples (10000+ LOC)
  • access to 64bitesVIP Facebook group, where you can get help
  • plenty of exercises to solve on your own
  • online streaming
  • download with no DRM
  • one time payment (no monthly/annual fees)

You WILL learn following:

  • How to setup Sprite properties to display 8 hardware accelerated bitmaps
  • Define high-resolution and multicolor sprites in your code
  • Use SpritePad application to design static and animated sprites
  • Import binary files with sprite definitions in your program
  • Animate Sprites in Assembly
  • Optimize memory usage with Run-Length Encoding algorithm
  • Use compilation time metaprogramming to easily parse any binary file format.
  • Overlay technique that allows you to combine hi-res with multicolor mode.

5 ratings

  • 9 videos
  • total length50+ minutes
  • 9 transcripts
  • total length13K+ words
  • ASM source code10K+ LOC


64 Bites - Season 4 - Sprites Setup and Animation

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