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64 Bites - Season 3 - Joysticks, Data Structures, Strings and Logic

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64 Bites - Season 3 - Joysticks, Data Structures, Strings and Logic

$19.99 $13.99
Commodore 64 Programming Screencasts
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Here's what you get (bare facts):

  • 9 videos (50+ minutes in total)
  • transcripts (13000+ words)
  • source code examples (10000+ LOC)
  • access to 64bitesVIP Facebook group, where you can get help
  • plenty of exercises to solve on your own
  • online streaming
  • download with no DRM
  • one time payment (no monthly/annual fees)

You WILL learn following in Assembly:

  • How to print Strings in during compilation and at runtime
  • Compare handling null-terminated strings used in C with Pascal-like length-prepended strings
  • Use KERNAL - the operating system of C64 to print strings easily with CHROUT routine
  • Master the PETSCII encoding allowing you to format strings and screen easily
  • How to use the open-source 64spec library to test programs and learn assembly
  • Use boolean operations AND, ORA, EOR to check and manipulate bitfields
  • Read joystick input using continuous polling.
  • Create a base for rogue-like game controlled with joysticks
  • Use namespaces like structs in C to refactor the code.
  • Learn compilation-time data structures to clean up the code even further.
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I want this!

You'll get:

9 videos
total length
50+ minutes
9 transcripts
total length
13K+ words
ASM source code
10K+ LOC


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